Something has changed in this era. Art has shifted off base. Its watered down, covered up because in some places art poses a threat. Yeah really, people are afraid of the power of art. But don’t be fooled. Though we hope it is just an illusion, the reality is the repercussions of the fear of art are devastating.

What is interesting to me is that in many of these same places we find that artist have vigilantly gone underground for survival.  The underground art movement is alive and well.  It’s waiting.  For what?  What’s it protecting?  The artist?  Art?  Women & children?  Historical landmarks?  Cultural integrity?

Art is vulnerable, along with women and children.  So when violent men are angry with some THING, some ideology or some religion they take their violence out on what they are most afraid of.  And art, women and children are easy targets.  Solving problems in this manner is brutally barbaric. It’s misguided thinking to believe violence will solve anything at all.

When the wrecking balls are swung the destruction is overwhelming.  We need to protect our artistic heritage.  Oneway is through diverse and respectful education.  Another is by eliminating poverty.  These same processes also protect women & children.  The United Nations claim that the modern world now is capable of doing these two things.  So why is the world dragging its feet?  What else is going on? Is it just about power and money?  Are too many people still living in the past? …or is it all madness?

What about this THING that shows up from time to time called beauty? Is all art suppose to be beautiful or is it meaning we are searching for?

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Destroying Art, The Perfect War Crime