Written By Pinar

Ukrainian artist Svetlana Ivanchenko uses materials typically found on a beach to produce incredibly captivating mosaics. Inspired by the environments whence they came from, Ivanchenko has produced countless portraits and scenes of exotic women roaming across deserts and oceans. It’s hard to believe that all of the images are made entirely of such commonly overlooked shoreline materials, but they also seems like the most perfect elements to construct Ivanchenko’s mosaics with.

A variety of sand, shells, and pebbles are artistically composed to make up each stunning creation. The artist merges the various textures and colors brilliantly, making it difficult to imagine the frames being made of anything else. In some of the works, Ivanchenko has chosen to create the bulk of the shot with a flat layer of multi-toned sand and a simple cluster of shells or pebbles. Other pieces are incredibly textured and meticulously detailed, making them seem almost sculptural. In both cases, the creative embellishments do the respective images artistic justice.

via [L’acte Gratuit, Tutt’ART]

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