Location: Kenya Owner:Daphne Sheldrick

2009, I love this organization. SWD has participated in their adoption program for years. They rescue both baby Rhinos and baby elephants. If you go to Kenya, you MUST visit this organization and you will be glad you did! Truly amazing and humbling. Daphne Sheldrick runs this NGO and this is how she describes these orphans…
“A tiny newborn elephant is orphaned because its mother and family gunned down to serve the Ivory trade, its life support gone; any survivors fleeing in terror; its fate now suffering and death in hopeless and lonely isolation it cannot understand. For an elephant, the family is all important; its very existence dependent upon its mother’s milk for the first two years of life and a life that should span three score years and ten, equivalent to that of man. In a perfect world that elephant life would be filled with fun and joy through the companionship of friends and a close-knit and loving family, whose love is pure and unconditional all the days of its life.”… “Please help us help an orphaned elephant by fostering one of the orphans directly through our website as a gift of life” Daphne Sheldrick
WISH LIST: $50 To foster-care a orphaned Baby Elephant or Baby Rhino for one year.

2009 / Daraja Academy in Nanyuki, Kenya