Sculp2, Myles Schachter is a sculptor himself and can help you figure out the right tool for the job you need.  (785) 838-3885, Stone Carving tools. Lawrence, Kansas. Catalog available.

A Sculptor’s Edge Email: Steve Barnes, another real nice guy that knows his tools and what they can and cannot do. 720-979-3090, Pneumatic tools such as the red ARO die grinders and other top of the line tools including Ingersoll-Rand. Steve carries many tools and accessories for stone carving. Located in Colorado.

BCS- Budget Casting Supply LLc©™ Featuring foundry supplies.

Harbor Freight Tools USA,

Northern Hydraulics, Inc : 612-894-8310, power tools, large angle grinders: Catalog available.

Diamond Products, Inc.  Elyria, Ohio. Diamond blades and core bits.

McMaster/Carr  Supplier of just about everything you can need for your studio. Phone: 630-600-3600

Micron Productss Tools for craving GRANITE. Toll Free in North America:
1 866 683-1285, Vancover, Canada.

Alibaba Global Trade Granite carving tools.

IGS International Gem Society  International Gem Society, 145 Lincoln Road, PO Box 466, Lincoln, MA 01773


Market Support For Artists

Finding market support can be challenging to say the least. I found a great article written by Artist, Olafur Eliasson, very up-lifting and reminding us artists how relevant our work is in the scheme of things. I hope with this page I can establish a list of events and organizations that can help artists get their ideas out into the world of so many communities. Onward!!!

“I see the artist as a participant, a co-producer of reality.”
-Olafur Eliasson

Artsy   Artsy’s mission is to expand the art market to support more artists and art in the world. They also represent Olafur Eliasson. I like their platform for collecting and discovering art. I have great respect for what they do and share many articles from Artsy Magazine on my blog/ArtNews. Please give them a read! And check out the fine artists they represent.