My workshop where I offered children first hand experience with observing nature and people through science and through art. We hike to nearby parks, trails & meadows to discover an amazing world hidden in the trees, ponds and grasses. We also observe people in cafes or at the ice cream shop, sketching them. These workshops explores the responsibilities each of us has in creating a community that takes care of the environment, wildlife and it’s people.

Please bring snacks and a picnic lunch with plenty of water. We can take a look at conservation issues and talk about why these issues are so important. I answer the many questions children ask the best I can to develop some understanding and a positive mindset. So sign-up early. These workshops are always a big hit and enjoyed by all. (Two groups: Elementary and Teens)

If you are interested in having SWD do a workshop at your school, club or special event, please, contact me via email.


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