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Welcome to Save World Draw Donation Page                                                                              

1. Your donations helps SWD bring ART experiences to poor and often displaced communities.  It buys basic art supplies we need to support community events and activities.

2.  Your donation helps SWD facilitate community conservation and wildlife projects in many countries. It serves communities directly by providing the means for groups of children to visit a wildlife park, a water treatment plant, spend a day planting trees, or participating in a cultural event– It helps pay for a bus to take us there.

3.  The money you contribute helps SWD create books documenting and validating the incredible work local artists, poets, storytellers and small NGOs are doing.   

4.  Your donations also support local artists so we can collaborate, promoting the work they do to show how the arts can facilitate diversity and beauty protecting their cultural heritage as well as the environment in which they live.

With Bows & Blessings,


Thank you for donating! 

Save World Draw 

PO Box 73~~Ft Bidwell, CA  96112


Business Phone: 415 720 1435


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