Again we are finding the relationship between birds and trees are far more reaching than we thought. The above photograph is of one of the only complete skeleton of a single dodo found in 1903 on Mauritius. It’s hard to say exactly what the dodo bird would have looked like but this is what Oxford University and the Natural History Museum came up with in London. The other photo is of the archaic Tree of the Dragon.

Approximately five hundred years ago the fruit of the Dragon Tree was the staple food of an endemic, Dodo, flightless bird that is now extinct playing an important ecological role. The Dodo Bird was the first animal known to humans to become extinct.  And we think now that this bird had an important relationship to the Tree of the Dragon.

The processing of Dragon Tree seeds through the digestive tract of this bird helped stimulate germination and it is possible that the loss of this bird species has led to a decline in naturally occurring Dragon Trees. The tree is becoming very rare and seed must be manually processed in order to germinate.

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