At this time of year on the edge of the high desert in Northern California I wake up to a cup of coffee and a drove of unmistakable Evening Grosbeaks at my bird feeder.  Am I lucky or what.

Evening Grosbeak

  • Coccothraustes vespertinus
  • 8 inches long with a wingspan of 14 inches

This comical looking bird with it’s massive head, big beak and beautiful, distinct colors could easily be employed in a cartoon as you can see in my photo.  They feed mainly on insects and seeds from the trees but they take pleasure in the delights of my feeder.  Each morning that I see them I am inspired by them just being there poised to greet the day with whatever it offers them.  It’s a lesson— I am reminded that I take this kind of thing for granted far too often.

This is Birdie Girl’s first featured bird.  I hope to share an interesting bird I see each week for you to enjoy. Happy Valentine’s Day and thank you for reading!

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