Art, the invisible bubble...

Marble / marble Stone Carving Symposium 2018, Colorado, USA


Ultimately, my job as an artist is to nurture the artistic experience, so I deliberately create impulses of light and textural surfacesto draw you into the core of my work. I hope you can take a moment; linger here, leave inspired. I believe Art is magical.  Art can create new paradigms that can help all of us make better choices in our lives.
This is how I think; what I do;  who I am.


The invisible bubble is what I call the state of mind that you experience when viewing a work of Art. Our existing cultural threads that help us through unfamiliar experiences are so frayed in our society that knowledge comes to a dead-end, rather than be woven into a new layer of experience.  Art can help mend those frayed threads.  Art is vital part of culture.  Like bubbles touching and forming interlocking spheres shades of new colors are illuminated and we become connected.
As an artist I ask you, please, protect this process and give voice to the Arts.


Sculptor, Sherburn LaBelle

Born & grew-up in Plymouth, New Hampshire, USA
Presently lives in California.


BFA Degree 1990 / University of Cincinnati, School of Design, Architecture, Art & Planning (DAAP)

1987   SUNY- Binghamton. “Bronze Foundry Program”
1972 – 1975  New England School of Art & Design, Boston. “Foundation For Art: Drawing, Painting, Sculpture & Design”
Early ’70s to mid 70’s Apprenticed with the British Sculptor, Master Robin Binning, Cambridge, Massachusetts.


2018 – 2014  Sculpture Garden, 119 Water Street, Fort Bidwell, Ca 

2011  “Birdology: Art Works by Brenda Sherburn (LaBelle) / Art Show with Book Reading” / RileyStreet Art Supplies, San Rafael, Ca

1988  Window Displays, Philadelphia, Pa: Chernobyl: The Noble Savage & other sculpture works. Clay Studio.

1987  Arnot Art Museum, Elmira, New York: Featured Artist: Sculpture by Brenda Sherburn-Zimmer (Labelle). Spring & Summer.

1987  Alternatives Places for Art (Conklin Avenue location), Binghamton, NY. Art From The Shadows: Sherburn-Zimmer (LaBelle), 


2013   Wall For Peace, W-AFPIAAP International Art For World Peace / New Delhi, Alwar, Calcutta, Mumbai, India / İstanbul, Turkey

2011   Annal Show of California Ceramic Artists, Sacramento, CA

2009   Art & Nature,  Daraja Academy, Nanyuki, Kenya

2001  Cashew Festival, Crocked Tree, Belize

1993, 94, 95  Creative Growth Art Center, Oakland, CA. PAIRS, Teachers Annual

1992, 93  Frail Elder Center For Alzheimer’s, Oakland, CA. Fund Raiser

1992   The Ebert Gallery. Women’s Art Exhibit, San Francisco, CA.

1992   California State Fair, Sacramento, CA. Sculpture Expo (Merit Award)

1990   BFA Show. 840 Gallery. DAAP, University of Cincinnati, Ohio.

1989   Ceramic Sculpture, Plymouth State College, New Hampshire.

1988   Delaware Center For The Contemporary Arts, Wilmington, DE

1987   Institute of Contemporary Art, College of Philadelphia, PA. Abstract Art, City Hall

1987   Lawrence/Rosemont Gallery, Rosemont, Pa. American (BAD) Dream: Artists views on poverty

1987   Clay Studio, Philadelphia, Pa. Annual Group Show. Clay Figure— (I don’t do pots)

1987   Philadelphian Museum of Art, Sale’s Gallery / Fall Exhibit of  Working Artists in Philly.

1987   Oswego Art Guild, NY. Herland III, Women’s Art

1982   Festival Of Alternatives In Art / SUNY-Binghamton, NY


2001  Belize Audubon Society. Belize, Central America
Awarded Internship to design and build an education exhibit about bird migration at Crooked Tree Bird Sanuary.

1996  Special Commendation Award for Work & Instruction for the Cambodian Community.
Alameda Board of Supervisors. Oakland, CA

1992  Merit Award for Sculpture, California State Fair, Sacramento, CA

1989  Barbara Deming Memorial Fund, Brooklyn, NY.
Money For Women Artists: Sculpture & Drawing

1987  Rodin Museum, Philadelphia, PA
Special Handling Permit awarded to directly work from Rodin’s clay maquettes and bronzes on site. Permission to copy by drawings and modeling small clay pieces. Permission to enter one hour before museum opens, work through morning hours.

1987  Artist In Resident Fellowship.
Sponsored by the Franklin Mint through the Clay Studio, Philadelphia, PA


2013  Commissioned to make a large replica of the Sacajawea Gold Coin for Randy LH Teton, the woman who is the model for the coin. Randy uses the replica for events throughout the US as a Good-Will Ambassador for Native American culture. 


2015/ June / Article, Handle With Care, from Reader’s Digest. About me and my hummingbirds, taken from Birdology.

2011 / Book, Birdology,  Author: Sy Montgomery, one chapter about Brenda Sherburn (LaBelle)’s work with hummingbirds.
Simon & Schuster, ISBN 978-1416569848

2013 / Published Book, Owl Always Be Waiting, poetry by Brenda Sherburn (LaBelle)

2012 / PAKISTAN / Compiled & Published a collection of Pakistani Poetry: Selected Poetry: English, Urdu, Persian & Punjabi written by Tahir Khan Arzani طاہر خان ارضانی / Brenda designed & did the layout for the book. She also wrote the Introduction.

2009 / KENYA / Article, “The Highlight of the Week” by Director Jason Doherty. Written about Brenda Sherburn (LaBelle) work at Daraja Academy, Kenya. Nature Journalling with teenage girls from deverse tribal cultures in Kenya.

2007 / VIETNAM / Froglog Newsletter, Saving The World One Drawing At A Time, Article about art project facilitated by Brenda Sherburn (LaBelle) with children at Kentfield Elementary School, CA.


2018  Marble / marble Stone Carving Symposium. Marble, Colorado, USA

***To see the many Global Community Art Projects & Teaching Activities Sherburn LaBelle has done over the years, please go to her webpage: “About SWD”

***To see her volunteer work with the delightful baby hummingbirds ~~( : >
Go to webpage: “Rescuing Hummingbirds” 


Cell (415) 720 1435
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