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Congratulations, If’igen Bico!

If’igen Bico, Turkey/Greece  She made eye-opening art about Syrian Refugees. Congratulations! SAVE WORLD DRAW gives small grant to artist, 

“Traces Left Behind”~ Observation by Artist, Ifgen Bico
 Syrian Refugees in Turkey & Greece, 2016

Photos, collages & drawings.

4 H Sewing Class

4 H Sewing Class

Fort Bidwell, California, USA

Save World Draw bought two new Singer sewing machines for the 4H program in Fort Bidwell. The program offers excellent leadership by Lilli Sommer, Beth Tozier and with the help from some of the mothers. The children learn to sew their own clothes. They also do community service work by making gifts for seniors. It’s a place where the village children and the children on the reservation can interact in a positive way by sharing experiences.

Outdoor Workshops Exploring Art & Nature

Outdoor Workshops Exploring Art & Nature (on-going in various communities)

My on-going workshops offer children first hand experience with observing nature and people through science and through art. We hike to nearby parks, trails & meadows to discover an amazing world hidden in the trees, ponds and grasses. We also observe people in cafes or at the ice cream shop, sketching them. These workshops explores the responsibilities each of us has in creating a community that takes care of the environment, wildlife and it’s people.

We bring snacks and a picnic lunch with plenty of water. Look at conservation issues and talk about why these issues are so important. I answer the many questions children always seem to ask the best I can to develop some understanding and a positive mindset. So sign-up early. These workshops are always a big hit and enjoyed by all. (Two groups: Elementary and Teens)

If you are interested in having SWD do a workshop at your school, club or special event with a group of children, please, contact me via our contact page.


Save World Draw at Rileys Art Center in California

Save World Draw at Rileys Art Center in California

Nature Journaling in urban areas. 2006 – 2012

Our workshops offer children first hand experience with observing nature and people through science and through art. We hike a to the close by cultural center and park to discover an amazing world hidden in the trees, ponds and grasses. We also observe people in cafes or at the ice cream shop, sometimes sketch them. These workshops explores the responsibilities each of us has in creating a community that takes care of the environment, wildlife and it’s people.

We bring snacks and a picnic lunch with plenty of water. Look at conservation issues and talk about why these issues are so important. I answer the many questions children always seem to ask the best I can to develop some understanding and a positive mindset. So sign-up early. These workshops are always a big hit and enjoyed by all. (Two groups: Elementary and Teens.


Paiute Elder’s Heritage Celebration
Paiute Elder’s Heritage Celebration

Facilitator & Organizer: Anita Williams. Mt Bidwell Paiute Reservation, 2014

Launched every October is a weekend celebration honoring the Paiute Elders that survived the oppressive Indian Schools here in northern California. Sadly these schools were developed to destroy Indian culture and tradition. Young children were forced to live at the school, their hair was cut short and they were not allowed to speak their own language or see their parents. A shameful history about the early western settlers for Americans to come to terms with. Anita Williams grabs hold of a proud culture and offers a rare prospective of the Paiutes.
She is facilitator & Organizer for this event and many others here on the Mt Bidwell Reservation.
Anita Williams. Contact her through email: yahoowilliams4@gmail.com
Donations of any amount are appreciated.


Climate Change: SF Bay Area NGOs & Artists

Climate Change: SF Bay Area NGOs & Artists

Awareness through education & peaceful demonstrations.

2012, Climate Change is real. SWD works regularly with local NGOs & Artists educating, making art for peaceful demonstrations & participating in events for social action and awareness.


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Tahir Khan Arzani: Pakistani Artist & Poet

SWD compiled and published a beautiful collection of his poetry in four languages using his fantastic art work as backdrops for his poems. 2011

Tahir makes his living as a potter, creates photo paintings and writes poetry. SWD compiled and published a beautiful collection of his poetry in four languages using his fantastic art work as backdrops for his poems. The second edition with be out soon, check back for a link to the second edition of this book.
Tahir Khan Arzani was the president of,The Reformers, a grassroots organization based in Lahore, Pakistan. This organization was a long time progressive well connected organization working with the UN to plant trees and also provided direct support during serve flooding, as well as other humanitarian & educational causes throughout Pakistan. Many of his poems are about these experiences.




Facilitated by Prateek Panwar. Annual bird count teaches local children about birds & conservation.

What SWD loves about this program is that Prateek pairs up children in local villages with the trained birdwatchers so they can learn about birds. It is an inspiring and unique program that deserves recognition. Bird watchers from all corners of India and overseas along with 800+ rural youth participate to generate a avian base-line population dynamics data from all river valleys of Garhwal Division in Uttarakhand in partnership with Forest department. More than 1400 birdwatchers, dual students & conservation participated from across the country now including overseas. If you would like to participate or would like to donate please contact Prateek Panwar.
Email: arch.birdcount@gmail.com


SWD raises money to help provide a deep water well for Indigenous People in Kenya.

2012. SWD raises money to help provide a deep water well for Indigenous People in Kenya through the Lion Conservation Fund & KARE. The Samburu people who live in the far northern reaches of Kenya are a pastoral nomadic tribal community with a livestock-based economy and a great cultural richness. They are related to the Maasai, sharing many customs and a language known as Maa. The moran, or young warriors, live separately from the rest of the community and are responsible for protecting the community, as well as herding cattle. They have lived sustainably with their environment for thousands of years, with the lightest possible carbon footprint.


Location: Nairobi, Kenya Mary Wykstra, Director.

PHOTO: Predator Decoy
2009, Action for Cheetahs in Kenya (ACK) aims to promote the conservation of cheetahs through research, awareness and community participation in Kenya. They were an exciting group to visit. SWD was there when they built Robo-Goat to use as a deco to catch a cheetah to collar and track. They also help facilitate SWD to work in the Kenya’s public primary schools in nearby villages. See what they say about my visit: hover over photo & click on the ❤ icon.

WISH LIST: *$100 first aid kit for field work *$100 start-up Bee Hive Kits *$500 Towards Solar Panels *$1000 Lg Water Catch for runoff from tents.


Scat Smelling Rescue Dogs to save large mammals in Brazil
Scat Smelling Rescue Dogs to save large mammals in Brazil

Home Base: Washington, USA Facilitator: Dr.Carly Vynne

2009, This was one of the kids favorite projects to work on and they did some great drawings that we sold to raise money for Carly and her scat-sniffing dogs. I can remember reading Carly’s updates about her working dogs in Brazil. The kids really got to know her work and her dogs! “Mason ( one of our scat-sniffing dog ) has been pretty busy since returning home, he already went to Arizona for a project on the Mexican Wolf, and is now preparing to return to Alberta, CA, where he helps our teams study the impacts of oil drilling on wolf, moose, and caribou. In between jobs he got to live with me and enjoy life as a regular pet for awhile. I’m busy at work in the laboratory conducting DNA and hormone assays to try to get as much information as possible out of all the samples Mason helped me collect in Brazil. Check our website for more information. Thank you for your continued support.” Carly

*$100 towards tree planting.
*Any general contributions to help the canine program. *$85/month Dog Food for working dogs.




Saving Oiled birds. International, based in US.

2010, It is no secret that the director of SWD loves birds. This organization is based near the SF Bay Area and I trained and worked at their facility to wash and care for oiled birds. It is one of the most physically taxing jobs I have ever done. SWD is proud to sponsor and promote this wonderful organization. Bless them! Jay Holcomb, IBRRC’s Executive Director wrote, (FROM THEIR BLOG) “How well do birds survive in the wild when they have been oiled and rehabilitated? Recent studies indicate that birds can be successfully rehabilitated and returned to the wild, where many survive for years and breed. Our Wish is to save birds. Please donate directly to our website.”… “What gives IBRRC the best chance to make a difference to threatened species during oil spills is the year-round dedication to saving individual lives that has been at the heart of our mission for nearly 40 years.” www.intbirdrescue.blogspot.com/

SHELDRICK’S Orphaned Baby Elephants & Baby Rhinos in Kenya.
SHELDRICK’S Orphaned Baby Elephants & Baby Rhinos in Kenya.

Location: Kenya Owner:Daphne Sheldrick

2009, I love this organization. SWD has participated in their adoption program for years. They rescue both baby Rhinos and baby elephants. If you go to Kenya, you MUST visit this organization and you will be glad you did! Truly amazing and humbling. Daphne Sheldrick runs this NGO and this is how she describes these orphans…
“A tiny newborn elephant is orphaned because its mother and family gunned down to serve the Ivory trade, its life support gone; any survivors fleeing in terror; its fate now suffering and death in hopeless and lonely isolation it cannot understand. For an elephant, the family is all important; its very existence dependent upon its mother’s milk for the first two years of life and a life that should span three score years and ten, equivalent to that of man. In a perfect world that elephant life would be filled with fun and joy through the companionship of friends and a close-knit and loving family, whose love is pure and unconditional all the days of its life.”… “Please help us help an orphaned elephant by fostering one of the orphans directly through our website as a gift of life” Daphne Sheldrick
WISH LIST: $50 To foster-care a orphaned Baby Elephant or Baby Rhino for one year.


Daraja Academy in Nanyuki, Kenya
Daraja Academy in Nanyuki, Kenya

One of the best SWD adventures with Directors: Jason & Jenni Doherty

Daraja Academy is the first free secondary school for girls in all of East Africa. SWD was at the school the first week it opened and put together a photo book documenting that awesome week in March, 2009. I taught the girls some drawing; ending the week with a field trip to a nearby wildlife reserve. We learned about wildlife. We drew the animals. Some of the faculty at the school came along, too and contributed immensely by having the girls write papers and the science teacher helped to explain some of the ecology of the habitat we were exploring. Daraja had twenty-five girls when the school opened and now has more than doubled it‘s size. These girls are from extremely poor areas representing all 13 tribes in Kenya. Daraja means bridge and WE are Daraja. SWD believes in these incredible girls and the wonderful staff at this school. Please support them, donate to Daraja–these girls are a shining star for Kenya’s future. Check out what Daraja says about SWD…hover over photo & click ❤ icon.




Location: China, Russia & Africa. Based in USA, WI

SWD has a special interest in this group partly because one of our offices is in the high desert of CA where we have some nesting Sandhill Cranes. This organization provide much of the data and learning informations SWD uses to talk about these birds in our workshops. Please considered helping them protect these threatened birds.

“ICF‘s education activities are closely connected with ambitious and effective conservation programs for cranes and wetlands in the many countries where ICF works. The Children’s International Art Exchange helps promote understanding among students of different cultures and shares the beauty of cranes and the value of healthy ecosystems needed to sustain people and cranes.”

ICF programs that you can help:
Program at the Cao Hai Nature Reserve, China.


Amphibians in Vietnam
Amphibians in Vietnam

Research & Training Program. Director: DR. Jodi Rowley

Jodi Rowley and Salamander

Location: VIETNAM This was a fun learning experience for so many children here in the SF Bay Area.
SWD sponsored Jodi and followed her research with amphibians in Vietnam.

“I could actually give the students the dates that they sponsor and a follow up report with photos of the survey that they sponsored and the amphibians that we found. I‘d like to give the students as much back as possible, and I don’t mind spending the extra time.” Jodi Rowle And she did.

Amphibian Conservation, Vietnam, 2006
*$300 for three days of very needed surveys of amphibians *$300 for equipment & transportation
*$350 for supplies & tests for amphibian diseases.
See the article published about SWD in Froglog International Newsletter, “Saving The World One Drawing At a Time”! Hover over photo & click on the ❤ icon.

E-mail: Jodi.Rowley@austmus.gov.au




Location: Kigoma, Tanzania. Facilitators: Roots & Shoots / Jane Goodal Conservation Program for

2008, The Roots & Shoots programs have been founded in refugee and national schools to promote knowledge of and caring for the environment, the community and wildlife. Four school groups inside the Lugufu Refugee Camp near Kigoma, Tanzania and two outside had partnered to learn about local conservation issues such as hunting for bushmeat. The children also raised money to buy chickens for eggs and planted three large vegetable gardens to yield fresh produce for families and communities. Members of Lugufu Roots & Shoots group were involved in wildlife conservation, bushmeat crisis education, natural regeneration, beekeeping and chicken rearing. Save World Draw started a online project directing the staff to have the children in their class draw their dreams and they did. These drawings were hand delivered to the US by a volunteer and mailed to me. The drawings depict far more than the children‘s dreams. They tell a remarkable, heart-wrenching story. We can not forget what happened to these children. 
Lugufu Camp is now closed, the people and children living there are expatriated or relocated somewhere else. Our blessings are with them. Many thanks to the hard working volunteers and staff at Roots & Shoots for providing conservation awareness to these children. This camp may be closed but another opens somewhere else, so please donate to educate children and protect wildlife. Please help Roots & Shoots Conservation Program by directly donating to them through the link we provided–



Eagle Lady  Alaska’s Kenai Peninsula: Jean Keene

2003, “The only thing that I need for the eagles is money to help buy the fish for them…also there is snow plowing in the winter time to open their feeding areas as they cant find their food if it falls in deep snow. I also keep a heated tote to thaw their food out as it is much easier for them to eat it not frozen so my electric bill is very high in the winter time. These are the things that I would use the money for.” Jean Keene.

* $250 towards buying fish to feed the eagles.
* $350 towards Snow Plowing in the Winter time to open the Eagle’s feeding grounds.
*$$$ towards electric bill. 


The Wana Duma Children’s Project in Gilgil, Kenya

The Wana Duma Children’s Project in Gilgil, Kenya

Youth programs facilitated by Susanne Garrison

2007, Wana Duma means “Cheetah Children” in Swahili. SWD believes that an education holds the key to a healthy adulthood and Wana Duma tries to fulfill this mission. The Wana Duma Children’s Project is dedicated to removing barriers that children in Kenya encounter which impede their access to education. They also help fun small start-up businesses from bike shops to hair salons to give young teens a job. SWD did an art project at their facility in Gilgil and also put together a Wana Duma Book about the project, the children and included their entire team for the purpose of fund raising in the US. Check out what WanaDuma says about SWD’s visit: hover over photo & click on the ❤ icon.
Please visit them at:



Location: Kenya. Tina Ramme, Biologist, Teacher & President

2007, Lions once roamed much of the African continent, but recent studies suggest that lion populations may have decreased nearly 90% in just one past decade, with fewer than 20,000 remaining in just a handful of countries.The Lion Conservation Fund (LCF) supports projects that will determine the distribution and abundance of African lions in areas of great global conservation importance. We are committed to supporting conservation and research initiatives to better our understanding of lion behavior, ecology, and biology. We are also working to protect the habitats of these magnificent animals while improving the lives of people sharing habitat with lions in Africa.

Because of recent declines in lion populations, it‘s important to study and protect lions across the continent. Lions vary greatly in behavior, social structure, and morphology across locations, making it necessary to observe and survey them in all habitats where they’re found. By learning more about lion behavior, biology, and ecology, we can better understand the regulatory mechanisms affecting them and use this information to establish sound conservation strategies.

Saving Snub Nosed Monkeys in China

Saving Snub Nosed Monkeys in China

Location: 2004, Yunling Mountains of Yunnan, China. Yang Fangy & Long Yongcheng

Also known as the Golden Monkey. These monkeys live only in the Yunling Mountains of Yunnan, adjacent Tibet. Only 2,000 individuals remain in the wild. Please support the newly established Yunnan Golden Monkey Conservation Association to develop educational & conservation programs.
“I would like to thank you (SaveWorldDraw) for your support to the monkey conservation on behalf of Yunnan Golden Monkey Conservation Association. As the organization is the newly established one based in the Baima Snow Mountain National Nature Reserve, in which more than 60 percent of the total population of the monkey species is found, and its executive capacity is not efficient…we need funds/donations to support the association to improve its capacity.” Dr Yongcheny Long.
Yang Fangy work with local school around Baimaxueshan Nature Reserve so they can organize the local kids to watch the birds & monkeys in the mountains. “We believe it can help these kids love nature more than before.” As Dr Long believes, to see these incredible creates in the wild is to learn to love them forever. Save World draw believes this too–SWD bought binoculars for the educational program to help children see the monkeys close-up. We sponsored the first group of 100 children to hike to watch the monkeys. The above photo Yang Fangy sent SWD of the adventure.
Please donate to this important work:


THE LAST OCEAN: Ross Sea Ecosystem

Location: Antarctica, david@lastocean.com

2002-2003, Children love penguins– SWD draws information from the Ross Sea story to teach children about the environment and penquins.

Ross Sea is recognized as the most pristine open-ocean ecosystem left on earth. In essence, the Ross Sea is the last ocean. Overwhelming evidence suggests that over-fishing has profoundly damaged most, if not all the rest of the world’s marine ecosystems. The oceans are in serious trouble. To create the change needed to protect this place, the public must weigh in. WE ALL must weigh in. The Ross Sea story is not just about science, not just about the incredible organisms that live at the edge of the world. It is a story of interconnected communities. It is our story. It is the story of our struggle to become sustainable. And if enough of us speak up we may be able to write the next chapter.
Location:Antarctica, Ross Sea Ecosystem. david@lastocean.com

Our Wish: Join us in the effort to protect the Ross Sea. It’s free. To Join use this link: www.lastocean.com/community/join_forse/read/


Birdlife International

Birdlife International

Location: Global Office / UK

BirdLife International is the world’s largest nature conservation Partnership. Together we are 120 BirdLife Partners worldwide – one per country – and growing. BirdLife is a world leader in bird conservation. Rigorous science informed by practical feedback from projects on the ground in important sites and habitats enables them to implement successful conservation programs for birds and habitat. They believe their actions are providing both practical and sustainable solutions significantly benefiting nature and people.

In 2001 in Belize, SWD facilitated a drawing project for Birdlife International at Crocked Tree Public School. They wanted to represent each country with a children’s drawing about the relationship between trees, birds and people. BAS sponsored the competition throughout Belize. I am proud to say that one of my students at Crocked Tree Village won the competition and represented Belize on the Birdlife International website.



Educational Bird Migration Exhibit Belize

Belize Audubon Society

The first half of the year, 2001 was Save World Draw’s first big project overseas in Belize. I was to design and build an education exhibit for the Belize Audubon Society. I was responsible for building a educational exhibit that teaches local children about conservation of migratory birds as well as the protection of the endangered Jabuir. The Jabiru is the largest flying bird in the Western Hemisphere.
It was a six month job tour living in Crocked Tree Village with Miss Norma and her daughters. The above photo is the finished exhibit just after it was built and I thank the many volunteers who finished painting it. To this day bus loads of Belizean children with their teachers and a guide from the Belize Audubon visit this bird sanctuary and learn from this exhibit.

Belize is in the huricane belt with floods and high winds so repair work is always in need here. Donations need to be specifically designated for this effort at Crooked Tree via the Belize Audubon Society so the money will reach the purpose it is meant for. Thank you.

www.belizeaudubon.org/?page_id=3613 www.belizeaudubon.org