Facilitator & Organizer: Anita Williams. Mt Bidwell Paiute Reservation, 2014

Launched every October is a weekend celebration honoring the Paiute Elders that survived the oppressive Indian Schools here in northern California. Sadly these schools were developed to destroy Indian culture and tradition. Young children were forced to live at the school, their hair was cut short and they were not allowed to speak their own language or see their parents. A shameful history about the early western settlers for Americans to come to terms with. Anita Williams grabs hold of a proud culture and offers a rare prospective of the Paiutes.

She is facilitator & Organizer for this event and many others here on the Mt Bidwell Reservation.
Anita Williams. Contact her through email: yahoowilliams4@gmail.com
Donations of any amount are appreciated.

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