Saving Oiled birds. International, based in US.

2010, It is no secret that the director of SWD loves birds. This organization is based near the SF Bay Area and I trained and worked at their facility to wash and care for oiled birds. It is one of the most physically taxing jobs I have ever done. SWD is proud to sponsor and promote this wonderful organization. Bless them! Jay Holcomb, IBRRC’s Executive Director wrote, (FROM THEIR BLOG) “How well do birds survive in the wild when they have been oiled and rehabilitated? Recent studies indicate that birds can be successfully rehabilitated and returned to the wild, where many survive for years and breed. Our Wish is to save birds. Please donate directly to our website.”… “What gives IBRRC the best chance to make a difference to threatened species during oil spills is the year-round dedication to saving individual lives that has been at the heart of our mission for nearly 40 years.”


2011 / SWD compiled and published a beautiful collection of his poetry in four languages