Location: Kigoma, Tanzania. Facilitators: Roots & Shoots /

Jane Goodal Conservation Program, The Roots & Shoots programs have been founded in refugee and national schools to promote knowledge of and caring for the environment, the community and wildlife. Four school groups inside the Lugufu Refugee Camp near Kigoma, Tanzania and two outside had partnered to learn about local conservation issues such as hunting for bushmeat. The children also raised money to buy chickens for eggs and planted three large vegetable gardens to yield fresh produce for families and communities. Members of Lugufu Roots & Shoots group were involved in wildlife conservation, bushmeat crisis education, natural regeneration, beekeeping and chicken rearing. Save World Draw started a online project directing the staff / teachers to have the children in their class draw their story and their dreams—they did. These drawings were hand delivered to the US by a volunteers and finally after a couple months bouncing around Tanzania made it to the US and at that point mailed to me. The drawings depict far more than the children‘s dreams. They tell a remarkable, heart-wrenching story that SWD hopes to share with the world via a children’s book. We can not forget what happened to these children. The proceeds from the book will go to Roots & Shoots.Lugufu Camp is now closed, the people and children living there are expatriated or relocated somewhere else. Our blessings are with them. Many thanks to the hard working volunteers and staff at Roots & Shoots for providing conservation awareness to these children. This camp may be closed but another opens somewhere else, so please donate to educate these children that will help protect wildlife. Please help Roots & Shoots Conservation Program by directly donating to them through the link we provided–


2007 / Scat Smelling Rescue Dogs to save large mammals in Brazil