Research & Training Program. Director: DR. Jodi Rowley

The new “vampire flying frog” species in Vietnam.
Jodi Rowley, Research Scientist & Educator,
Australian Museum

Jodi Rowley and Salamander

Location: VIETNAM This was a fun learning experience for so many children here in the SF Bay Area.
SWD sponsored Jodi and followed her research with amphibians in Vietnam.
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“I could actually give the students the dates that they sponsor and a follow up report with photos of the survey that they sponsored and the amphibians that we found. I‘d like to give the students as much back as possible, and I don’t mind spending the extra time.” Jodi Rowle And she did.

Amphibian Conservation, Vietnam, 2006
*$300 for three days of very needed surveys of amphibians *$300 for equipment & transportation
*$350 for supplies & tests for amphibian diseases.
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2007 / Wana Duma Children's Project, Kenya
2004 / Saving Snub Nosed Monkeys in China