Location: 2004, Yunling Mountains of Yunnan, China. Yang Fangy & Long Yongcheng

Also known as the Golden Monkey. These monkeys live only in the Yunling Mountains of Yunnan, adjacent Tibet. Only 2,000 individuals remain in the wild. Please support the newly established Yunnan Golden Monkey Conservation Association to develop educational & conservation programs.
“I would like to thank you (SaveWorldDraw) for your support to the monkey conservation on behalf of Yunnan Golden Monkey Conservation Association. As the organization is the newly established one based in the Baima Snow Mountain National Nature Reserve, in which more than 60 percent of the total population of the monkey species is found, and its executive capacity is not efficient…we need funds/donations to support the association to improve its capacity.” Dr Yongcheny Long.
Yang Fangy work with local school around Baimaxueshan Nature Reserve so they can organize the local kids to watch the birds & monkeys in the mountains. “We believe it can help these kids love nature more than before.” As Dr Long believes, to see these incredible creates in the wild is to learn to love them forever. Save World draw believes this too–SWD bought binoculars for the educational program to help children see the monkeys close-up. We sponsored the first group of 100 children to hike to watch the monkeys. The above photo Yang Fangy sent SWD of the adventure.
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