How to redefine your value in the arts industry

How to redefine your value in the arts industry

Written by arts advocate and community organizer Frances Cathryn/ Tips for establishing your role as an artist, putting your work in context, and defining the overall meaning and value of what you make. In the art world, value is too often reduced to financial...

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Brancusi’s Bird in Space: Is it a bird or is it art?

One of the most significant clashes of art and law in history. From The Legal Palette, An Art Law Blog, March 23/ Reprinted here. Modern Art: 1900-1960 Constantin Brancusi, Bird in Space, 1926, polished bronze, on marble and wood base, 115 1/4 in....

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 The Trump Administration is whittling away safeguards for our birds.

Please take action to protect the Migratory Bird Treaty Act.  

In 1918 Congress passed the Migratory Bird Treaty Act to protect birds.

And, as always, give voice to the arts.

Support your local ART organizations & NEA programs.

Thank you

Art Work by Sherburn LaBelle
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