Sherburn LaBelle

Art the Invisible Bubble,  Sculpture & Drawing

Clay Sculpture


Ultimately, my job as an artist is to nurture the artistic experience,
so I deliberately create impulses of light and textural surfaces
to draw you into the core of my work. I hope you can
take a moment; linger here. Leave inspired.

I believe Art is magical. It can create new paradigms that can help all of us
make better choices in our lives. This is how I think; what I do.  This is who I am.


The invisible bubble is what I call the state of mind that you experience when viewing a work of Art. Our existing cultural threads that help us through unfamiliar experiences are so frayed in our society that knowledge comes to a dead end rather than be woven into a new layer of experience. Art can help mend those frayed threads. Art is vital part of culture. Like bubbles touching and forming interlocking spheres shades of new colors are illuminated. We become connected. As an artist I ask you, please, protect this process and give voice to the Arts.

Bronze Sculpture