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Kanga’s Woven Voices

~Written by Amanda Leigh Lichtenstein~ Photographed by Samantha Reinders~ “It opens the channels for women to express themselves, to clap back, to be heard, to love, to laugh, to pray, to return a gaze to the world. It becomes to a woman whatever she wants it to be: a...

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Why art has the power to change the world

Written by Olafur Eliasson, Artist & designer, Studio Olafur Eliasson One of the great challenges today is that we often feel untouched by the problems of others and by global issues like climate change, even when we could easily do something to help. We do not feel...

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Freedom Sculpture

NEWS / PUBLIC POST / a public monument to cultural freedom & respect for diversity. Cecil Balmond OBE, ARTIST, ARCHITECT & ENGINEER & sponsored by the Farhang Foundation.  The Freedom Sculpture, is a “Statue of Liberty” for the West Coast -- It is an Iranian-American...

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