Hello- This is a new page I’m adding to my website.

I spent over a decade taking care of baby hummingbirds.
Eventually became hummingbird team leader.
Now I’m retired, I would like to share some of what I learned,
showing how hummingbirds can guide us to
appreciate nature in astonishing ways.

Please check back… Thxs, Birdie Girl

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An Artist That Likes Birds

I like tromping through wetlands, forests and the high desert just to get a glimpse of a bird. It doesn’t necessary have to be a rare bird, but if it is, it made my day.  I am an artist. Sometimes, I draw birds but not as much as I would like. Sometimes, I...

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Marin IJ –Why Save World Draw? About Birdie Girl

MARIN INDEPENDENT JOURNAL Marin Snapshot: "Fairfax Artist Finds Calling As Foster Mom for Hummingbirds" by Jennifer Upshaw POSTED: 05 / 01 / 2010 Above Photo/Jeff Vendsel   A pair of hummingbirds fed by artist and conservationist Brenda...

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Hummingbirds by JoLynn Taylor

 Photo: Sy Montgomery watches Brenda Sherburn feed orphaned hummingbirds. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Article/Photos by JoLynn Taylor          ~ Wildcare News ~ Fairfax artist Brenda Sherburn has a hobby. She saves the lives of hummingbirds. This...

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