I like tromping through wetlands, forests and the high desert just to get a glimpse of a bird.

It doesn’t necessary have to be a rare bird, but if it is, it made my day.  I am an artist. Sometimes, I draw birds but not as much as I would like. Sometimes, I teach kids about nature and how important conservation is… always adding a few extra words about the birds.  Sometimes, I travel to far away places, facilitating an art strategy to save the planet with other artists or NGOs. But I seem to be especially fond of the people I meet that work protecting birds and gravitate in their direction. No getting around it, birds are totally inspirational. And did I mention… I really do like birds.

This website is to share stories and experiences about how a few insightful artists can plays an important roll in their communities promoting change in positive ways. Artists can draw attention to many things and help teach communities to appreciate the beauty around them. Save World Draw has two blogs, one, The Potentials of Art, that goes into the importance of art in our communities, current art critisim and the potentials art we find by looking at different cultures. The other blog, Birdie Girl, is about the birds I encounter through my photography, drawing, sculpture and with kids. I’m hoping the blogs at some point will evolve into a story of sorts. A story that has some social benefit.

Some of my earliest memories are linked with birds. Now I listen for their song or watch them ride the trade winds. Birds ground us in the moment.  Birds teach us that the little things we do in our lives matter and sometimes miraculously can become something very big in a profound way. So if you give a hoot about birds, please follow my Birdie Girl Blog to hear the cherps, tweets and our ocassional shriek. Who knows maybe you’ll find yourself inspired, pick up a pen or a brush to capture the moment. But to be fair, I should warn you by doing this you might find yourself absorbed and drifting into the Potentials of Art.

Herring Gull
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